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What is Infinitum Projects?


We are an accelerator for technology-based projects, led by management experts and guided by successful entrepreneurs and business angels


We provide enterprising teams with a complete ecosystem: business model, funding and managerial accompaniment to accelerate growth of the project or company


We provide investors with a broad and diverse range of projects in varying stages of development and with different levels of risk, as well as a professional environment that enables them access to a network of high-level contacts

What we do?

Three Lines of Search

Financing for accelerator and projects

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We provide projects by

Appropriate business model
Intellectual protection
Financial needs

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Disinvest projects

We close lines without return
We create spin-out

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Inherent Philosophy

Sales First

The best form of finance, that of sales

Management by Wandering Around

Weekly project monitoring

Less is More

Light, yet high-quality structures

Cash or Trash

Twelve months to decide whether or not to continue with the project

The World is the Field

Internationalisation of projects and investors

iotip iot development

Do you own an interesting project?

Corporate Organization

Investment Committee

Analyzes the different investment-participation proposals.

Expert management

Weekly monitoring of the investee company and provision of support areas (finance, human resources, marketing ...).

Investor coordination

Exhibition of projects for co-investment and promotion of networking.


1. Multiple alternatives from 10k

  • Investment in the accelerator
  • Investment in the projects

2. Different levels of involvement

  • Investor
  • Consultant
  • Business Advisor
  • Part-time Manager

3. Liquidity made possible by the huge participation base

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Current Businesses


Online complaint management platform 2.0. Enables user – company interaction and facilitates mediation between the parties in litigation. Online reputation manager.

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Infinitum Factory (Barcelona)

Ecosystem for technology-based companies which includes a laboratory and technical training school.

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Design and development of IoT product, from prototyping to industrialization.

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Track, certify and digitally sign any file or web content in blockchain

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Range of technical products for urban riders.

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Infinitum Hub (Sevilla)

Ecosystem for the creation, development and growth of new technology-based business projects.

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Mobile application to certify maintenance works in real time from anywhere.

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By Infinitum

Discover the projects of the technological ecosystem of Infinitum. We provide an integrated service of technology specialists at the service of companies.

Meet ByInfinitum

Who is Who?

Josep M. Garcia
Director of Infinitum Projects

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Sciences (UAB)
Bachelor’s degree in Market Research (UOC)
IESE Management Development Programme (PDD)
Director of Infinitum Factory
Operations consulting for European and American companies
University lecturer in Finance and Banking Management (UAB)
Participant in European projects on the generation of renewable energies

Jordi Mercader
CEO of Infinitum Projects

Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences (UAB)
Bachelor in Law (University of Nebrija)
IESE General Management Programme (PDG)
Master in Marketing (UPC)
Postgraduate degree in Corporate Acquisitions
Founder of Mercaconsult
Business Angel
Former Inveready consultant

Noemí Fernández Arias de Reyna
Manager of Infinitum Projects Sevilla and Infinitum Hub

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Sciences (UAB)
IESE General Management Programme (PDG)
Operations consultant for European and American companies
Head of Development of Infinitum Projects in Seville
Business Angel
Board member of Infinitum Projects since 2013

Jean-Claude Bouche
Country Manager of Infinitum Projects France

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (INSAT)
Propulsion Systems VSNE (ISAE)
Management Certificate (HENLEY BUSINESS SCHOOL)
Export Director for a multi-national on 3 continents
CEO-Founder of a Consulting firm
Expert in Business Development

Are you interested in joining us as an investor?

Send an email to hola@infinitumprojects.com explaining:

  • Who you are
  • What role you think you can play
  • How much you are thinking of investing

Do you have an interesting project?

Send us a summarised business plan (no more than five pages) to hola@infinitumprojects.com indicating:

  • Business Type
  • Target
  • Current situation (operational or not)
  • Differentiating factors (entry barriers)
  • Team
  • Needs

We want to meet you